Research and Development

Our aim is to provide safe and more effective pharmaceuticals to help people suffering from illness. -This is our dream as well as our goal.

Our Commitment to Research and Development

Nihon Pharmaceutical continues to challenge itself, aiming to become a "Basic & Niche Drug Pharma," with our policy of being the first company to provide pharmaceuticals to people suffering from illness.

As a Basic Drug Pharma

Plasma fractionation products are indispensable in the current clinical setting. We will contribute to society through not only a stable supply of plasma fractionation products but also continued improvement of their quality and addition of new indications to treat other diseases.
In particular, we are rapidly proceeding with the development of drugs for orphan diseases, including intractable diseases, which are in strong demand among patients and healthcare professionals, in order to "create new value" for taking on the responsibility of generations to come.

As a Niche Drug Pharma

"MINCLEA Spraying Solution 0.8% for Endoscopy" is the world's first antispasmodic agent that can be directly sprayed into the stomach through the forceps channel of an endoscope to inhibit gastric peristalsis with a new route of administration. We aim to contribute to society through development of niche drugs, including this drug, in the field of gastroenterology.
In addition, we have started to become engaged in research on regenerative medicine for diseases that are difficult to control with conventional medications.