Our Network

As a partner of healthcare professionals, our company is making an great contribution to the promotion of people's health through the supply of pharmaceutical products.

Contribution to Clinical Practice

Our company is a member of the Takeda Pharmaceutical Group, which is the leading pharmaceutical company in Japan. Our products are delivered by the Takeda Pharmaceutical network to consumers through medical institutions and pharmacies/drug stores, making an great contribution to the promotion of people's health.
Our company is also making a contribution to healthcare professionals' clinical practice by actively collecting information on the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products and providing them with accurate information in a timely manner. Persons who actively keep in contact with healthcare professionals are called medical representatives (MRs). Our MRs have acquired the latest medical knowledge and sufficient information related to our products under the well-developed in-house education system. They are making efforts every day to become good partners for healthcare professionals by providing information speedily and actively in compliance with corporate ethics and social rules.

Professionals in production

We are always improving manufacuturing capabilities to provide reliable products

Production sites

Narita Plant is focused on the manufacturing of fractionated plasma products, and Osaka Plant is used to produce a wide variety of products, including solid dosage forms, drinkable preparations, injectable formulations in ampoules, liquids for syringes, sanitizers/disinfectants and Japan's first liquid pharmaceutical products in plastic bottles. Leveraging our formulation technologies built on many years of experience and expertise, we manufacture products that contribute to protecting the lives of people and improving their health.

Across all stages of manufacturing from raw materials to intermediates and finished products, we ensure compliance with the latest GMP standards. With a strict manufacturing and quality control system in place, our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and equipment as well as high level of technical capabilities. To ensure the highest quality and consistent production, we work continuously to improve our manufacturing capabilities in harmony with established technologies.

We are deeply aware that global environmental protection is an important management issue. In 2001, both of the production sites received an ISO14001 certificate. With an understanding of the importance of the challenges, we are committed to making continual improvements to minimize our impact on the environment.