Never Stop Challenging
is our corporate culture

Continuing to Protect Irreplaceable “Lives”
Pharmaceutical products we have produced are aimed at one purpose–to
protect something very precious. Throughout our corporate history,
we specialize mainly in “plasma fractionation products”,
as well as in “gastrointestinal medications” and “disinfectants”
etc., keeping up with evolutions/challenges to quickly provide
effective and safe medical products.

Holding tight the baton of delegated goodwill.
Passing it to the utmost possibilities of life and future

Plasma fractionation products come from human’s goodwill

Plasma preparations made from blood donation by many people have undiscovered possibilities.
We are exploiting the future of
plasma preparations through continual R&D, with a
fervent desire to save lives
from diseases not yet to be cured.

Never spoil a goodwill – That passion drives us forward

R&D in plasma preparations has a long way to go.
It requires steady accumulation of knowledge,
collecting information from domestic/overseas
papers and healthcare professionals.
We are motivated by the passionate faith:
“Never spoil a goodwill , never give up”.

Supporting lives of those fighting disease

We struggle with diseases in neurology or dermatology
domains ahead of domestic drug makers, making a
great contribution to the treatment of patients through
medical institutions all over Japan.

Producing drugs to help early detection/treatment
using the knowledge from the Japanese medical front

Helping for more accurate endoscopic inspection

Endoscopic inspection is effective for early detection/treatment of
upper gastrointestinal diseases of stomach, esophagus, duodenum, etc.
To suppress stomach peristalsis which could interfere
with accurate inspection, we have challenged
new products by collecting knowledge
of the medical front.

Direct application to stomach for endoscopic inspection

Based on the ideas, knowhow, and requests of
medical front,
we have created a new anti-peristalsis medicine that
can be directly applied to the stomach.
Introducing this unique new approach,
we are seriously concerned about the convenient
inspection and the early detection of diseases.

Anticipated drug medicines in the near future

Nihon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will go on, aiming to
create yet to be developed drug medicines,
or those that promote inspections
with better accuracy and convenience.
—— To protect irreplaceable “Lives”.